Let me introduce myself, my name is Ms. Smiley and I'm a Future Wedding Planner!

Or, that's how I'm supposed to introduce myself. As a MK consultant I'm encouraged to own the next title I will be in the organization, i.e. "I'm a Future Director." Well, I am a Future Wedding Planner and I intend to detail my journey here in this space.

Now, whether you are a bride that has stumbled across this blog in your search for a wedding planner, are a curious person who loves the surprise of selecting the next blog link at the top of the page (check it out later...it's fun!) or are one of my 6 followers (Yay!)...WELCOME!
First things first, my name is Ms. Smiley and I am an introvert posing as an extrovert. Now, you're thinking, "what's an introvert doing writing a blog," right? Well, if you follow personality types, mine is INTJ, which basically means I like to think a lot, am not a showboat and like long walks on the beach alone. I'm also a great thinker, love to analyze problems to seek a solution and enjoy making things work. 

I've started this blog to help me get the bajillion ideas and thoughts and questions I have in my head out there in the hopes that something will stick. I also hope to use this blog to help me gain knowledge from you.

You are probably also wondering, why is her name Ms. Smiley if she doesn't like to be social? Shouldn't her name be Ms. Frowney or even better, Ms. Prefers to be Alone? Well I didn't choose Smiley, it's my actual last name and I do like smiling over frowning (the whole lack of wrinkles and improved disposition appeals to me). I also like socializing and am increasing my network daily!

Today, I wrote about how excited I am to begin my Best Year Ever as I follow the Your Best Life Week with Oprah and her posse of experts. Feel free to read about it here. With all this excitement in me, I am excited to begin sharing and hope you can appreciate what I have to say (if not...keep it moving), have suggestions for me (I love to hear your opinion, even if I do the opposite thing) and words of encouragement (I'm a woman...I like compliments!).

So, again, thanks for stumbling across my space. Please sit back and enjoy, choose to follow me to keep updated regularly, leave a glowing comment or two and enjoy the music.

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